Italian – English – Italian Translation Courses Offered

Starter Translation Course
Translator / Terminologist Course
Master Course in Translation

Master Course in Translation for Publishing and Editing
Master Course in Medical Translation
Master Course in Legal Translation

Master Course in Business Translation
Master Course in Technical /Technological Translation
Master Course in Translation / Localization
Master Course in Translation Review


Entry requirements

University Degree or Secondary School Diploma or equivalent qualifications obtained in Italy or abroad, very good knowledge of the two translation languages, passing of entry test, aptitude to translation studies, familiarity with Word, E-Mail, Internet. No age limits. Courses start at any time all year round.

Entry Test

For admission to Courses applicant needs to pass an entry test to ascertain his language and translation skills. Entry Test is free of charge, regardless of its outcome, and is not binding for admission.

To receive our Entry Test please submit:
Full name, C.F. Fiscal Code (for Italian candidates only) Mailing address, Phone number, Place and date of birth, Languages known, Academic studies completed, Work experience if any.

Please let us know also:
a) Translation course you are interested in,
b) Date you wish to start lessons,
c) Time at your disposal to study lessons.

Time required to complete course and how lessons are structured

 a) Each course is made up by 16 lessons of theory and practice, with active and passive translation exercises, reviews and “translations to compare”, plus final examination, all online.

b) Courses can be completed in about 3 months, or in more or less time, since the student can take all the time it occurs to him to study lesson, according to his needs and availability. Lessons are personalized by direct individual email conversation which each student establishes with his translation reviewer. 

c) All courses include know how, hints, guidelines common rules and all there is to know about the profession of a translator – interpreter. On how to gain access to the world of qualified work, to keep up to date after the course and during the profession, plus focus on English/Italian languages.

d) Lessons of theory and practice are sent one at a time and structured in such a way that they can be received by email, and studied using computer online or offline in the student’s own time.

e) Theory and practice lessons are structured so that they can be received by e-mail and studied with the computer in online/offline mode in your free time.

f) The lessons are sent one at a time, as you receive the translations for revision as it is the student himself who leads the time according to his needs and availability.



All Master and Translation Courses Online
€1.200 (4 payments of 300 Euro each) to be made as you proceed with lessons.
Costs include: Course attendance; Final examination; Certificates; IATI Membership; Translator identification card.

Second courses

50 per cent off.

Amounts paid are not tax deductible by student. Membership fees are not taxable entry for the association. For further info see Association/Statute.pdf.

Teaching method

a) At each lesson student receives by email guidelines and rules on how to carry out and work on a translation, guidelines on the profession (theory), and document to translate (practical exercise).

b) Student reads/studies documents and rules (theory), translates document (practice) and emails to reviewer translation done to be checked out and corrected.

c) Reviewer checks and corrects translation done by student, points out and explains errors (if any) and emails back to student translation reviewed (together with a “translation to compare” done by other translator) so that it can be checked out and studied again by student, and so on with all other lessons.

Lessons are sent by email one at a time, as student returns translations done to be reviewed. 

Professional certification granted at the end of course

For further info mailto


Language translation and review

1. Translation Know How
Are there any rules for translations? Rule number one – Practical Rules – Simple Rules – Translation of titles – Translation and style – Experience, assistance and advice on the work of translators interpreters and terminologists.

2. Types of Translation
Standard translation – Normal translation – Creative translation – Professional translation – Translations to avoid.

3. English language translation
Phrases with standard translation in English – Translatable and Untranslatable – Terminology bank.

Training exercises of translation and review

1. Starter Translations
Practical exercises of translation and review on texts of general and everyday living.

2. Business Translations
Practical exercises of translation and review on texts of Commercial correspondence – Business agreements – Contracts.

3. Technical Translation
Practical exercises of translation and review on medical - Legal – Technical/Technological texts.

Training of translators
interpreters and reviewers

1. Type of professionals
Translator – Technical translator – Translator of literature – Court translator – Sworn translation – Language consultant – Localizer – Reviewer online – Terminologist – Rates for freelance translations – Translation speed – Standard units of measurement of a typewritten page.

2. Interpreter
Simultaneous interpretation – Consecutive interpretation – Interpretation en chuchotis – Conference interpreter – Tricks and secrets – Costs, refunds and daily expenses for interpreters.

Career opportunities

1. Freelance translator - Interpreter
Working freelance – Why work freelance – How to work freelance – Sworn interpretation - Privacy – Code of Ethics – How to obtain membership of a professional association.

2. Staff Translator – Interpreter
Translators and interpreters classified as company executive – Translators and interpreters classified as company chief editor – Translators working as foreign language correspondent – Translators working as copywriter – Translators working for private companies – Translators working for the Government or public offices – Translators working for international organizations – International Fairs and Exhibitions – Provincial tourist offices – Hiring interpreters at the European Commission – Translation Multinational Corporations.

Translation courses online

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