Within the annual program of the Association activity for upgrading and promoting the profession of translators and interpreters, IATI offers:


The aim of these courses is to qualify all those who wish to work as professional translators and interpreters, and to upgrade graduates who want to receive a further specialization in translation.

All those who wish to work as "certified" translators and/or interpreters in accordance with Italian Law No. 4/2013 can enroll in any of the translation courses offered by the Association to obtain a Master in Translation, a Translator Identification Card, and a Certification of Quality and Professional Qualification for Translation Services, which is released in Italy and which finds validity in all EU Member Countries.

If you speak two languages and know how to use a computer you can become a professional translator studying in your own home or office using your spare time wherever you are worldwide.

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Starter Translation Course
Translator / Terminologist Course

Master Course in Translation
Master Course in Translation for Publishing and Editing

Master Course in Medical Translation
Master Course in Legal Translation
Master Course in Business Translation

Master Course in Technical /Technological Translation
Master Course in Translation / Localization
Master Course in Translation Review

Italian – English – Italian

Master and Translation Courses Online

Each course is made up of 16 lessons
For each lesson student receives by email documents and rules on how to carry out a translation, and guidelines on the profession (theory), plus doc. to translate and return for review (practice).

a) Translation theory docs
Aim to give to translators (and interpreters) all the theoretical knowledge and know how needed to return a fine professional translation.
They’re the same for all courses.

b) Translation practice docs
Are active and passive docs to be translated and returned for review. They are different for each course, and are characterized according to specificity and nature of course.

Students say

Hi Professor, we have gone a long way together and here comes the finishing line, after a brilliant and amazing course. I am really happy I made such a good decision a few months back and if anyone should ever ask me about the best translation course I have ever taken, well I reckon that’ll be an easy guess!

Francesco, Arezzo


National and International Professional Association

Members of IATI Board of Directors arrived to Casalbordino from Rome, from Gorizia, from Salerno and from other Italian cities to elect the new Area Offices and Officers.

The meeting was held in Casalbordino, in the province of Chieti, to appoint new regional Board members. The new elected Presidents are, Nicola Pizzamiglio from Gorizia for the Northern Area, Marina Della Torre from Rome for the Central Area, Filomena Natarelli from Bussi Sul Tirino for Area South, Islands, and foreign countries. The two new advisers are Silvia Wolff von der Sahl from Francavilla a Mare, and Cécile Billioti de Gage from Pompei. Luigi D’Aurizio from Casalbordino (founder member) is National President, and Simona Viappiani from Salerno, is confirmed as Secretary for the next three years. (Excerpt from the International professional magazine L’AGGIORNAMENTO Del Traduttore Interprete).

Purpose of IATI

IATI Promotes the profession of translators and interpreters.
Issues translator’s membership card, and Certification of Quality and Professional Qualification for Translation Services which finds validity in the European Union.

Keeps a list of all professional translators.

Records seniority of members.

Fosters application of Code of Ethics.

Answers to questions about the profession.

Carries out activities which can be useful to the profession like lifelong learning, updating, professional publications, meetings debates, and the like.

IATI Promotes and establishes cooperation with similar organizations at national and international levels.

IATI forms professional translators specialized in

Translation of books and other publications, translation of medical, technical/technological docs. Translation and internationalization of treaties, contracts, business agreements, and localization of hardware and software technological products for international firms.

IATI teaches how to translate

Common rules known and accepted by all professional translators, useful advice, experience, know how, hints, guidelines.

IATI explains all there is to know
To become professional translators, enter in the world of qualified professionals, work as professional interpreters and translators, stay updated after the Course and during professional career.

IATI fosters

Cooperation with other professional associations, respect of Code of Ethics, compliance with freelance tariffs, attendance of annual refresher courses for professional translators.


IATI consumer protection desk is available

To help consumers choose the right professional translator,

and to receive claims for the work done by members of the association according to Italian law 4/2013 art. 2 sub. 4.

The Officer responsible for IATI Consumer Protection Desk is Ms. Simona Viappiani

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Simona Viappiani

further opportunities

IATI offers new courses in translation Online in the following languages

a) Italian – SPANISH – Italian
b) Italian – FRENCH – Italian
c) Italian – GERMAN – Italian 

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Simona Viappiani
Refresher Courses Online for professional translators and interpreters

Refresher Course in Translation for Editing and Publishing
Refresher Course in Medical Translation
Refresher Course in Legal Translation

Refresher Course in Business Translation
Refresher Course in Technical / Technological Translation

Refresher Courses Online have annual legal validity for IATI members. These courses are mandatory for professionals who want to continue working as “certified translator” in Italy and in other European Member Countries, as requested by Italian law n.4/2013, art. 5, section 1, sub e.

Translation courses online

For info about Italian-English-Italian Translation Courses Online. For Info about Italian and English Refresher Courses online

Luigi D’Aurizio

Office of the Secretary

For info about membership to the Association.

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Simona Viappiani

Reviews and Assistance

For questions and assistance by an English mother tongue teacher

For reviews of already translated Italian English works

For coordinating member activities

Filomena Natarelli

IATI – International Association Translators and Interpreters

Not for profit national and international professional Association of Translators and Interpreters, Language Professionals and Consultants. Entered in the register of nongovernmental professional Associations. Reg. in Pescara Italy on 13.02.1985, N. 1062, Vol. Io, File No 13.538, Repertory 100.030, Jud. Nat. 18, C.F. 9100766068, Law n. 4/2013, Published in the G.U. n. 22 on 26.01.2013. mailto: