All those who wish to become and work as “Certified” Translators and/or Interpreters according to Italian law Jan.14/2013 n.4 on the importance of Professional Associations having functions and activities useful to enhance the profession can have access to our training activities in order to acquire excellent knowledge in translation know how, obtain a Master in translation, a Translator Identification Card, and a Professional Quality and Qualification Certificate For Translation Services with legal validity in all EU Member Countries.

According to our annual program to enhance and promote the profession of translators and interpreters IATI offers the following


Italian - English – Italian

a) Basic Course in Translation
b) Translator/Terminologist Course
c) Master Course in Translation
d) Master Course in Translation for Publishing and Editing
e) Master Course in Legal Translation
f) Master Course in Medical Translation
g) Master Course in Business Translation
h) Master Course in Technical /Technological Translation
i) Master Course in Translation Review
j) Master Course in Translation/Localization
k) Master Course in Religious Texts Translation

Qualifications granted:  Diploma/Diploma/Master in Translation; Translator Identification Card; IATI Membership Certificate, Professional Quality and Qualification Certificate For Translation Services.

Translation courses offered are excerpts from publications on translation know how and English language by Luigi D’Aurizio adapted for teaching online and sponsored by IATI.
Luigi D’Aurizio is president of IATI, teacher, reporter, author, bilingual professional translator and interpreter, international advisor specialized in business negotiations.
In Italy he founded and directed for 20 years Scuola Interpreti of Pescara (now S.S.I.T.)

Courses are intended for:

a) – Students wanting to become translators, obtain the proper qualification to work as certified professionals and become members of the Association.

– Entry requirements: Graduate or undergraduate studies or equivalent qualifications obtained in Italy or abroad, very good knowledge of the two languages, pass our entry test, familiar with Internet, Email, Word. No age limit.

b) – Graduates in Translation and Interpreting at public or private schools and Universities, graduates in languages, graduates in linguistics.

c) – Freelance and/or staff professional translators, regardless of school qualifications.


If you speak two languages and know how to use a computer you can become a professional and authorized translator studying in your own home or office using your spare time wherever you are worldwide. 

For further info and to receive Program of courses mailto:

The Secretary office of the Association is headed by Simona Viappiani.


Simona Viappiani is a IATI member, she holds a degree in Languages and a Master's in Translation. Former teacher and staff translator and interpreter, now works freelance.
She takes care of and organizes all IATI activities such as meetings, seminars, debates, translation courses on/off line, publications, etc


Simona Viappiani She takes care of and organizes all IATI activities such as meetings, seminars, debates, translation courses on/off line, publications, etc
She takes care of and organizes all IATI activities such as meetings, seminars, debates, translation courses, publications, etc.


a) Italian - SPANISH - Italian
b) Italian – FRENCH – Italian
c) Italian – GERMAN – Italian 

for further info mailto:  Tel. 338.10.31.204


L’AGGIORNAMENTO del Traduttore Interprete è una pubblicazione is a training and updating IATI semiannual publication for interpreters and translators. 
Editorial Staff: Luigi D’Aurizio, Simona Viappiani, Valerio De Prisco. Cécile Billioti de Gage, Silvia Wolff, David Gómez, Lucia Valori.
For info 
mailto:  Tel.338.1031204

Dates of Seminars, Meetings Webinars, Updates to be held in Milano Roma Pescara Napoli Salerno will be announced shortly before they take place. 

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